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What is anxiety?

Everyone feels scared or afraid sometimes. Fear is a basic human emotion, just like sadness, joy and anger. Fear can actually serve a useful purpose – it warns you of danger and stimulates the fight-flight-freeze response. Fear is what makes you instinctively run away from danger.

However, if you frequently experience fear in situations where there is no real danger, it can start to restrict your daily life. If you keep feeling afraid for a long period of time, you may find that you feel more and more afraid and that you stop doing many things and activities in an attempt to avoid that fear. This can lead you into a negative vicious circle.

Symptoms of an anxiety disorder

If you feel nervous for a few hours – or even a few days – after something frightening or life-threatening has happened to you, there is no need to worry. Everyone feels like that sometimes – your heart beats a bit faster, your hands feel clammy. It is simply a reaction to what you have experienced, and these feelings usually start to fade after a short time. But if you continue to feel afraid and it starts to affect your daily life, you may have an anxiety disorder. This may be accompanied with sleeping problems, chronic worrying, sadness and insecurity.

If you have these two ‘key’ symptoms, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder:

  • You have a particular fear of a specific object or (social) situation, or you are afraid that you may suffer a panic attack
  • The fear feels very real (and it is real!), but you are aware that the fear is disproportionate to the actual danger.

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Tips for relieving your anxiety

Starting something new can feel challenging, especially if you are struggling with fear. By visiting this web page, you have already taken the first step – you are aware of your situation and you are seeking information. Here is a list we have made for you of some best practices – you can try these tips out straight away:


“Nine Gramberg has given me insight into who I am, what I want from life and how I can continue to function in society. She was skilled in guiding me to discover the solutions myself.”

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Anonymous, Nov 2019

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