Blended Care: What is it and how does it work?

Reviewed by our psychologist : Sam Saxton

Blended care means that online support is interspersed with offline contact with a psychologist. Once every one to two weeks, you’ll visit an iPractice psychologist on site for a 45-minute consultation. Additionally, you can schedule an online appointment with a psychologist at any time. This means chatting by video call or IM. You may even be able to do some exercises together. A conversation like this lasts between 10 to 30 minutes.

Every course of therapy begins with a 45-minute online induction consultation. Prior to this consultation, we’ll ask you to complete an online questionnaire. Based on your answers to the questionnaire and the following consultation, we’ll put together a preliminary treatment plan and a diagnosis. Next, you’ll have an on-site consultation, which will also last 45 minutes. This is the first consultation where we’ll go really in-depth.

iPractice offers everyone:

What Does a Psychologist Do?

A psychologist is someone who specializes in how people think and behave, specifically the kind of thinking and behavior that people find troubling. A psychologist’s aim is to provide appropriate treatment that will reduce any symptoms the patient has.

The psychologists at iPractice handle every problem carefully and discretely. They’ll work together with you to look for the cause. They’ll also emphasize your personal strengths and all the things you’re doing well. This way, you’ll go away from each consultation feeling a little bit stronger.

Do I Need to Visit a Physician First?

If you want to make a claim on your health insurance to cover the cost of your psychological treatment, then you’ll need a referral letter from your physician. Are you paying for the treatment yourself? Then you don’t need a referral letter and won’t have to visit a physician first.

How Do I Get a Referral?

You can get a referral for a consultation with a psychologist from your family physician or a company doctor. You’ll need to explain to this doctor what your symptoms are. If they think that treatment might help, your doctor will give you a referral letter.

Can I See a Psychologist without Being Referred?

Yes, you can visit iPractice without a referral. However, if you don’t have a referral letter, you can’t claim back the costs of your (online) therapy through your health insurance. This means that you’ll have to cover them yourself. It’s also possible to discuss billing the costs to your employer.

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Psychologist : Sam Saxton

““During treatment we will figure out together how you can motivate yourself in a positive way to do things again.““

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