Psychological complaints are about your emotions, behavior and thoughts.

When you experience mental health symptoms you feel gloomy, scared, tense or stressed. There are many different reasons and causes, and per individual it is different what kind of thought is playing through your head.

If it is hindering you in your daily life, a psychologist can help. The family doctor and practice support worker can also help. /p>

At iPractice we treat different types of complaints, which all belong in the Basis GGZ (basic mental healthcare). Below are the most common complaints we treat.

Each complaint requires a different treatment. Together we will look at what is needed and what suits you best.

Psycholoog Zoila Knel iPractice
“The core of therapy is finding the cause behind your symptoms.”

Zoila Knel, GZ Psychologist

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“Nine Gramberg has given me insight into who I am, what I want from life and how I can continue to function in society. She was skilled in guiding me to discover the solutions myself.”

Peter-Paul, Dec 2019

"Pleasant and personal approach, professional and to the point. Good combination of face to face appointments and online follow-up / reminders to remain engaged in the process.”

Anonymous, Nov 2019

"I had 100% trust in my psychologists because of their kindness, empathy and professionalism. I felt they really cared about me. They did everything they could to help me move forward.”

Anonymous, Nov 2019

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