“During treatment we will figure out together how you can motivate yourself in a positive way to do things again.“

Sam Saxton, Psychologist

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Are you feeling a bit sad, down or depressed or have you been experiencing this more often recently? We all experience sad feelings from time to time. It is a basic emotion, just like fear, joy and anger. Your mood changes constantly, so the sad and depressive moods also occur from time to time.

Do you face disappointment or loss? Chances are that you are getting ticked off for a while or that you even experience feelings of depression for a few days. That is something we all experience from time to time. It is a reaction that in most cases disappears on its own.

But do the feelings last longer or do you have to deal with them more often? In that case you may be suffering from depression. This is very common, so you are certainly not alone. In some cases you can do something about it yourself, and in other cases you need some help. And the iPractice psychologists are here to help you.

We will explain what a depression is and what the typical symptoms are. Sometimes you can do something about it yourself with our practical tips. And isn’t that working or does it not help enough? Then we are available for you online and offline.

“During treatment we will figure out together how you can motivate yourself in a positive way to do things again.“

Sam Saxton, Psychologist

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What is depression?

Are you curious about whether you are dealing with depression and do you want to know more about what this is exactly? If the depressive feelings persist for 14 days or more, it is officially considered a depression.

That’s something that can happen to anyone. In fact, it is the most common psychological complaint in the Netherlands. A depression can be treated well and in some cases you can even do something about it yourself. It is important to take the complaints seriously. At the same time, many others suffer from it and we treat people with depression on a daily basis.

We are happy to explain what a depression is, which types there are and why it occurs. Various causes are possible, as they are related to the type of depression or the specific feelings you are dealing with.

Typical symptoms

Do you experience sadness or dark feelings and are you curious whether this might be a depression? You can recognize depression by a number of typical symptoms. The main ones are a feeling of sadness or sorrow and increased irritability. These are moods that we all experience from time to time, but if this persists for a longer period of time, it can be a matter of depression.

In addition, you can recognize a possible depression by the feeling that you no longer feel like doing anything, not even the things you otherwise liked so much. These are strong indications that there is something more going on than a little gloom, which will pass on its own.

We also list a number of other symptoms for you. Use them to estimate whether you suffer from depression and whether we can help you.

What can you do yourself?

Do you suffer from sadness or do you think it is a (mild) depression? It’s a good idea to talk to a psychologist. And do you want to try to do something about it yourself first? With our 7 practical tips you will discover how to structure your day and how to stay active.

These tips are practical tips to deal better with the depression or even resolve it completely. That’s something that takes time, so don’t try to rush into it. Do you notice that the tips are not enough to get rid of the sad feelings? Our psychologists at iPractice are always there for you.

Depression treatment: iPractice helps you

Do you notice that the dark feelings last longer than you would like or do they become more intense? You may recognize it by the fact that you can no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy. Or that others around you start to worry, even if you tell them that there is probably nothing wrong.

As soon as performing the daily tasks starts to feel like a duty, it is important to listen carefully to your feelings. You run the risk of ending up in a vicious circle, which you cannot just solve yourself. With the help of our psychologists you can find out if you suffer from depression.

And does that appear to be the case? There is no harm done, because depression is generally easy to treat. Together with our psychologists you will find out what is going on, what is bothering you and what is the cause of your dark feelings. Or what the causes are, because there it is often due to a combination of factors. We will work through it together, and of course at the pace that you prefer.

We are happy to tell you more about the treatment of depression and what is possible, always taking your personal situation into account. In this way, we provide a customized treatment that you feel comfortable with in all cases. This way we help you to cope with your sad feelings or even get rid of them completely. 

Do you have questions about what a depression is and whether you are dealing with it? Call us on the +3120 7717996 and we will speak to you personally.

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