Depression treatment: which approach works best for me?

Author : Samantha Saxton

Are you looking to treat your depression and are you curious what kind of help you can get? Depression often arises from more than one specific cause. For example, it could be a combination of biological, social and psychological factors.

The psychologists at iPractice can help you overcome depression, even if there is no specific cause.  They will help you better cope with your depression and learn how to cope going forward.

Which treatments are available?

At iPractice, we can help you with feeling low and depressed. On a daily basis we treat clients who are affected by depression.  In case of a depression diagnosis, our psychologists look closely at your situation, at the type of complaints you experience and their intensity, so that we can provide a tailor-made treatment. Our aim is to help you better cope with the bouts of depressive thoughts or feelings you experience.

At iPractice, our psychologists use different methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), insightful therapy and mindfulness or a combination of these. Are these treatments all new to you? We are happy to tell you more about it, so that you know exactly what to expect from us.

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Are you looking for depression treatment or do you know someone who could use help with depression? Our psychologists are happy to help you. Let’s start a conversation, and find out exactly what is going on. This way we can help you find a treatment programme that suits you, so that you can better cope with the depressive feelings or even get rid of them completely.

Do you have questions about what a depression is and whether you are dealing with it? Call us on 020 771 7996 and we will immediately give you personal advice.

Author : Samantha Saxton


“During treatment we'll investigate together how you can get more fulfilment and enjoyment out of your daily life.“

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