Symptoms of a depression

Author : Samantha Saxton

What are the symptoms of depression and what characteristics do you recognize that you or someone in your environment is dealing with? As many as 20 percent of all Dutch people between the ages of 18 and 64 come to deal with depression at some point. The sooner you recognize this, the more likely you will be able to do something about it together with your doctor or a psychologist.

Feeling low and not in the mood to do anything?

Do you want to know if you suffer from depression symptoms? Or do you have the feeling that someone close to you is suffering from depression? These are the main symptoms by which you can recognize depression:

  • You feel low, sad and / or irritable
    You feel depressed or sad most of the day. Or you are very irritable, getting triggered by the smallest of things.
  • You are not interested in things you otherwise enjoy
    Even the things that you otherwise liked to do no longer interest you. Or you can’t enjoy them like you used to do.

Do the above symptoms last for at least 2 weeks? Then psychologists speak of depression.

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Other symptoms of depression

In addition, here is a list of other common symptoms that characterize depression. 

  • Changes in your diet and/or weight
  • You either sleep badly or a lot
  • You experience a restless feeling or slowness
  • You have little energy and feel lethargic 
  • You feel worthless
  • You suffer from indecision, concentration and/or memory problems
  • You regularly think about death or suicide

It is important to recognize the symptoms early. In some cases there is a light depression, and you can still do something about it yourself.

Do you suffer from mild symptoms or do you see someone else suffering from them? It is wise to:

  • Create routine in your day
    Get up and get out of bed at the same time every day.  Go outside every day and eat healthy meals at set times. Also try to go to bed on time every night.
  • Stay active
    Try to get some exercise on a daily basis.
  • Maintain contact with others
    Visit others, for example by seeing friends or family.

Talking with a psychologist

Do you recognize you or someone close to you dealing with depression? Depression can be mild, moderate or severe. In all those cases you can contact your doctor or us directly. We’re here to help you learn how to deal with a possible depression.

Do you have questions about the symptoms of depression? Call us on +31 20 771 79 96 and we will give you immediate personal advice.

Author : Samantha Saxton


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