Imke is a healthcare psychologist at iPractice. It’s important for her to work together with you in a way that makes you feel equal and seen. She would like to discover together with you what you need to take back control over your life. She believes it’s important to look at you as a person instead of just looking at your symptoms. Feeling safe and secure is essential to give you (back) the confidence you need to feel your strengths again.

Imke can treat all kinds of psychological problems, such as sadness and loneliness, anxiety, trauma, burn-out and stress related symptoms, but also problems related to personal aspects, like a low self-esteem. She uses Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)EMDRSolution focused therapy, Schema therapy and techniques from Mentalization-based treatment (MBT).

In 2012 Imke graduated from her studies Clinical and Health Psychology at Utrecht University and got her healthcare psychologist diploma in 2017 via the RINO Utrecht. She has broad experience working in mental healthcare, working with different kinds of patients (personality problems, Mood disorders, Anxiety disordersTrauma).