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What is a burn-out?

We all experience stress and tiredness now and again when things are particularly busy at work or in our private lives. We may feel exhausted, weary and worn-out.

Most of the time, our energy-levels can be restored by an evening on the sofa, an early night or a quiet weekend. But sometimes, the feeling doesn’t go away – you feel completely burned-out and you cannot find a way to re-charge.

Burn-out symptoms

Burnout is not a diagnosis. It is a collective term for symptoms which people may suffer from due to long-term stress.

The most common characteristics of burn-out are emotional and physical exhaustion, a reduction in self-esteem, feelings of incompetence and a desire to distance oneself from one’s work or social environment. This may be accompanied with irritability, chronic worrying, anxiety, sadness, sleep problems, muscle tension, an increased heart rate and stomach and digestion problems.

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Tips for stress and burn-out prevention

Starting something new can feel challenging, especially if you are struggling with the symptoms of burn-out. By visiting this web page, you have already taken the first step – you are aware of your situation and you are seeking information. Here is a list we have made for you of some best practices – you can try these tips out straight away:

What do our clients say?

“Nine Gramberg has given me insight into who I am, what I want from life and how I can continue to function in society. She was skilled in guiding me to discover the solutions myself.”

Peter-Paul, Dec 2019

"Pleasant and personal approach, professional and to the point. Good combination of face to face appointments and online follow-up / reminders to remain engaged in the process.”

Anonymous, Nov 2019

"I had 100% trust in my psychologists because of their kindness, empathy and professionalism. I felt they really cared about me. They did everything they could to help me move forward.”

Anonymous, Nov 2019

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