When do you choose for treatment?

Psychological help is needed when your complaints persist for a long time and when your complaints negatively affect your daily life. Here is an overview of the complaints iPractice treats.

Finding the right treatment for you

There are all kinds of treatment options for psychological complaints. A complete overview is given below. Are you curious about which treatment suits you best? Together with your psychologist we help you in the process of finding the right treatment.

nine gramberg ipractice psycholoog
“The core of therapy is finding the cause behind your symptoms.”

Nine Gramberg, GZ psychologist

At iPractice, we offer:

– Reimbursed care rated 9+
– Immediate help without waiting times
– Free advice

Get to know our other certified psychologists

simone van geel ipractice psycholoog

Simone van Geel


Psycholoog Nine Gramberg iPractice

Nine Gramberg



Britt Stoker


Psycholoog Milou Groenewoud iPractice

Milou Groenewoud


Psycholoog Lotte Hendriks iPractice

Lotte Hendriks


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Carlos Hoogenboom


Psycholoog Samantha Saxton iPractice

Samantha Saxton



Shannon van Oudenaarde


Would you rather have the support of a professional?

Contact one of our psychologists today without obligation. You can talk about your feelings and symptoms and get information about a suitable treatment programme for you.