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Reimbursement of mental healthcare changes per January 1st 2022

The way mental healthcare is reimbursement changes per January 1st 2022. In 2021 and before costs of treatments were paid when the program is finished.

As of January 1st 2022 costs of seeing a psychologist are paid for per consultation. At the end of each month you’ll receive a bill for the consultations that you had that month.

The total cost of your treatment program depends on the number of contacts that have had with our psychologists. We therefore can give you an indication of the total costs. The final sum of costs may differ depending on your personal treatment plan. When we have a contract with your insurance company, all consultations are reimbursed (see  “What are the costs of a psychologist?” – Does my health insurance policy cover the cost of my treatment at iPractice?).

iPractice biedt:

iPractice treatment programs do not change

Our treatment programs stay the same. It’s just the way of reimbursement that changes.


Standard Deductible

National authorities have decided that as of 2022 the way your Standard Deductible is calculated for mental health changes. You’ll need to pay a standard deductible per calendaryear. This affects you when your treatment programs starts in one year and continues in the next year.

I have started my treatment at iPractice in 2021

If your treatment program at iPractice started in 2021 en will continue in 2022, you’ll be affected by these new regulations. What does it mean?

  • Your treatment continues; your psychologist will tell you what your treatment program in 2022 looks like
  • Contacts in 2021 will be invoiced to you (or your insurer)
  • Contacts in 2022 will be invoiced on a monthly basis to you (or your insurer)
  • Your insurer will look at how to expense these costs to your standard deductible in both 2021 and 2022
  • When you change your insurance company per January 1st your new insurer will pay for all consultations in 2022

More information can be found on the website from your own insurance company.



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