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How Much Does a It Cost to See a Psychologist?

Author : Sam Saxton

In many places, the cost of seeing a psychologist is set by the local health authority. If you have a referral from your family physician, the costs are usually covered by your health insurance provider.

At iPractice, we’ll clearly discuss what care we are able to offer you right at the start of your program. This means that you’ll know from the very beginning exactly what your treatment is going to cost.

At iPractice, the following programs are currently covered by many insurance providers:

  • Introduction only: €225
  • Short course (1-2 months): €520
  • Medium course (2-3 months): €880
  • Intensive course (3-5 months): €1400
  • Aanvullende en losse consults met een psycholoog van iPractice vallen onder onverzekerde zorg en kosten € 110,- per consult.
  • Additional and separate consultations with an iPractice psychologist are usually not covered by insurance and cost €110 per consultation.

Don’t forget that many basic insurance policies require you to pay a standard deductible of €385 per calendar year. Depending on your other health care expenses, you may have to pay this deductible yourself. You’ll pay this deductible to your health insurance provider, not iPractice.

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Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Me Seeing a Psychologist?

Most insurers will reimburse you, if you pay to see a psychologist. You will, however, need to get a referral letter from your primary care physician. Currently, the following insurers also offer reimbursement for calls you make to iPractice:

  • Menzis, and associated insurers Anderzorg and Hema
  • CZ, and associated insurers OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, Justcz and CZdirect
  • VGZ, and associated insurers IZA, UMC, Univé, Zekur, Bewuzt and IZZ
  • ASR, and associated insurers Ditzo and De Amersfoortse
  • DSW, and associated insurers InTwente and Stadholland
  • ONVZ, and associated insurers PNOzorg and VvAA
  • Zorg & Zekerheid, and associated insurer AZVZ
  • EUCARE, and associated insurer Aevitae

Is There a Difference Between the Cost of Online and Offline Treatment?

No, the cost of an online consultation is the same as the cost of a physical consultation with a psychologist.

Request a Consultation with a Psychologist

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Author : Sam Saxton


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