How much does it cost to see a psychologist?

Author : Bertien Dumas

Reviewed by our psychologist : Anna Bigot


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  • Psychological care is generally reimbursed from the basic insurance with a referral letter from the general practitioner, company doctor or medical specialist and if there is an established diagnosis according to the DSM V.
  • Without referral and diagnosis you are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • You get a referral through the GP, company doctor or specialist.
  • We don’t have a contract with ENO (Salland and ZorgDirect) in 2023.
  • Consider an additional payment of about 30%.


Does my health insurance policy cover the cost of my treatment at iPractice?

Most insurers reimburse the cost of care at iPractice. You do need a referral letter from the general practitioner or medical specialist and a diagnosis that qualifies for reimbursement.


How do I get a referral?

You get a referral through the general practitioner, company doctor or specialist. Explain your symptoms and they will decide if a treatment at iPractice can help you.



Your treatment will be reimbursed if you are with one of the following insurers:

  • a.s.r. (incl. Ditzo en De Amersfoortse);
  • CZ (incl. OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, JustCZ en CZdirect);
  • DSW (incl. InTwente en Stadholland);
  • EUCARE (incl. Aevitae)
  • Menzis (incl. Anderzorg, Hema en VinkVink);
  • ONVZ (incl. PNOzorg, VvAA en Jaaah);
  • VGZ (incl. IZA, UMC, Univé, Zekur, Bewuzt en IZZ);
  • Zorg & Zekerheid (incl. AZVZ)


My treatment is reimbursed: how does this work?

If you meet the above conditions, these insurers will reimburse our care. We send the invoice for your treatment directly to your health insurance company. You don’t have to do anything. 


Insurers without reimbursement

If you have health insurance with Achmea (De Friesland, Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Interpolis, ProLife) or ENO (Salland and ZorgDirect), the costs will unfortunately not be reimbursed.

Treatment at iPractice is still possible. Be aware that Achmea or ENO may reimburse a part of the costs. This depends on the arrangement with your health insurer and can be found in your policy conditions.



All health insurance companies charge a deductible of (at least) € 385 per calendar year. You pay this deductible once in each calendar year, regardless of the care you will receive that year. If your treatment starts in a calendar year (for example, 2022) and continues into a subsequent year (for example, 2023), you will pay your deductible in each calendar year. So in this example both 2022 and 2023.

Check with your insurer what arrangement you have made regarding deductible. You can find more information on the website of Rijksoverheid.


Care without reimbursement

Not all symptoms and disorders are covered by standard health insurance. This is called care without reimbursement. You are not eligible for reimbursement in the basic insurance when you:

  • Do not have a referral from the general practitioner, company doctor or specialist.
  • You have a referral, but no appropriate diagnosis.
  • Experience one of the following symptoms:
    • Adjustment disorders
    • Work and relationship problems
    • Burnout

How do conditions apply during an intake phase?

During the intake the diagnosis is determined. With a referral from your general practitioner the intake phase is always reimbursed, even if there is no diagnosis according to the DSM V. Do you want to start a treatment? If the treatment is not covered by the basic health insurance. You can choose to pay for the treatment yourself.


Pay for the treatment yourself

You can also see a psychologist without a referral or reimbursement from the insurer. You cannot claim the costs of the (online) psychologist from your health insurance company. This means that the costs are for yourself. It is also possible that we send the invoice to your employer.

The costs depend on the duration of your treatment. Below you will find an indication of the costs;

  • Intake*: about € 275,- (without referral from your general practitioner)
  • Short trajectory (1-2 months): about € 675,-
  • Medium trajectory (2-3 months): about € 1150,-
  • Intense trajectory (3-5 months): about € 1750,-

 * The intake phase consists of 2 interviews: one with an online psychologist and one with a consultation room psychologist. Read more about iPractice’s methods.


Do I have to pay the full amount?

Check in the policy conditions of your insurer (Achmea or ENO) what amount of psychological help is reimbursed.

Payment is directed to iPractice. Every month you will receive an invoice for the treatment of that month. You can claim these invoices at your insurer. Visit the website of your insurer on how to claim the invoices.


Additional and separate consults

Additional and separate consultations with an iPractice psychologist are €130 per consultation.


Online & consulting room consults

The costs for a 45-minute online consultation is the same as the costs for a 45-minute physical consultation. 

For chat contact iPractice charges 15 minutes; this is for the contact itself as well as the preparation and elaboration. The duration of the actual contact can vary from week to week. We use an average amount of time per week.

You can chat with us at any time that suits you. The time of our chat may not be the exact same time of the contact time on the invoice. 


Cancellation fee

Our psychologists like to help as many people as possible. We would like to ask you to only cancel an appointment in an extreme emergency. If you cancel, it is difficult to give that spot to someone else. By canceling as little as possible, we keep the waiting time for everyone as short as possible. 

If you really can’t come to your appointment, we would like to ask the following:

  • If you cannot come to the practice, you can always do the appointment digitally;
  • If you also cannot meet with the psychologist via video call or over the phone, we ask to cancel the appointment at least 2 business days before the appointment;
  • If you cancel less than 2 business days before the appointment, we will charge a no show fee of €50.


What changes in 2023?

New contracts with insurers

We can already say with certainty that our care is reimbursed next year if you are insured with:

  • CARESQ (incl. Aevitae)
  • CZ (incl. OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, JustCZ and CZdirect);
  • DSW (incl. InTwente and Stadholland);
  • Menzis (incl. Anderzorg, Hema and VinkVink);
  • VGZ (incl. IZA, UMC, Univé, Zekur, Bewuzt and IZZ);
  • Zorg & Zekerheid (incl. AZVZ).

Each of these companies has multiple policies so check carefully where you are insured. 

We are still talking to Achmea (De Friesland, Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Interpolis, ProLife), a.s.r. (incl. Ditzo and De Amersfoortse) and ONVZ (incl. PNOzorg, VvAA and Jaaah). With ENO (Salland and ZorgDirect) we do not have a contract in 2023. As soon as we have concluded the contract with these parties, we will change it on the website. 

Even if we do not have a contract with the insurer of your choice, we are still able to help you. In that case, please take into account an additional payment of ~30% of the cost of treatment. 


Costs in 2023

In 2023 costs will increase. As soon as these are announced, we will publish them on the website.


I started treatment in 2022 that continues through 2023, now what?

If your treatment started in 2022 you can continue and complete the treatment in 2023 of course. Are you insured with a health insurer with whom we have a contract? Then you will not notice the higher costs of the treatment. 

Are you insured with a health insurer with whom we do not have a contract? Then the consults in 2023 will be calculated at the new costs. 

Do you switch from a health insurer with whom we do not have a contract in 2022 to a health insurer with whom we do have a contract in 2023? In that case your treatment in 2023 will still be reimbursed by your new health insurer.


I want to start a treatment

  • ✆  Do you have questions about treatments? Or are you unsure about going to a psychologist? Talk directly to a psychologist at 085-1308900 or contact us online for personalized advice and customized treatment.

  • ⓘ  At iPractice we work with Blended Care. Which means that online support is interspersed with offline contact with a psychologist. You can always ask questions about your symptoms right away.

  • ✓  Our care is reimbursed by most of the insurers if you have a referral letter from the general practitioner, company doctor or medical specialist and if there is an established diagnosis according to the DSM V.


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