Psycholoog Silvija Licina iPractice

Silvija Licina – Psychologist

ACT, EMDR, Anxiety, Trauma/PTSS, Depression, Low self-esteem

Consultation room: Nieuwe Herengracht 47, Amsterdam
Dutch, English

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Silvija is a psychologist at iPractice. Silvija sees the treatment as a partnership that you enter into with each other. You, and not your symptoms, are central to this partnership. This means that every treatment is different, depending on where your needs lie. She will work with you in a targeted manner and will quickly get to the point. She provides you with tools to live a life according to your values.

As a psychologist, Silvija has worked in both basic and specialist mental health care. She has treated a variety of problems, with more emphasis on trauma-related complaints in recent years. In treatments she uses scientifically based methods such as CBT, ACT, EMDR and EFT (emotionally focused therapy). Treatments can take place in both Dutch and English.

Silvija studied clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with a master’s thesis on bonding within partner relationships. After her studies, she followed various courses to broaden her knowledge of different treatment methods.

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